About Me

Hello I am Barett Henry…I am a lead photographer for CivicPhotos Embrace'd and I love taking photographs of people in love. The uniting of love between two individuals is often one of the most important and happiest times for many individuals.

CivicPhotos Embrace'd is a subset company of CivicPhotos which focuses on capturing photography using primarily Film Photography cameras. Film Photography was the original method use to capture special moments of couples in love throughout our modern era until the invention of digital cameras. Film Photography has a classically romantic look in the way it renders the colors of a photograph. Since some of our clients love the “look of film” we are happy to offer this style of photography through CivicPhotos Embrace'd.

My Camera Arsenal
Pentax 67

My version of the Pentax 67 was produced in 1990 however even though its what would be considered "dated" by the few Film photographers whom use this camera it is renown for the beautiful Film images it produces! The Pentax 67 is my favorite film camera to use for portraits. Being a manual focus and manual film advance camera this tool is mainly used for what we would call "Money Shots". Due to the large film negative size created by the 67 you would only get 10 frames per 120 roll of film with this camera.

Pentax 645N

The Pentax 645N was produced in 1997 and is the film camera which is used most on the wedding day! The Pentax 645N is my favorite film camera to use for wedding party photographs. This film camera has auto focus and auto film advance capability. Its known as one of the most reliable medium format film cameras in use today. Due to how efficient this camera uses 120 film you would get 16 frames per 120 roll of film with this camera.

Canon 5D Mark 3

This is the 35mm Canon 5D Mark 3 digital camera which produces 22 Megapixel images. This camera was produced in 2012 and when paired with the Canon 50mm F1.2 lens it produces beautiful images! During the reception and other lowlight portions of the wedding day we utilize this digital camera since by rule Film is most beautiful when used in brighter lighting conditions. However...the images we capture with this camera are processed to get the colors as close as possible to the look of the Medium Format film we capture.